Heated Round Toilet Seat

Heated Round Toilet Seat

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Available in White (01811)

How warm is it? The standard 12 volt transformer included with your Ultratouch Heated Toilet Seat will bring the seat close to body temperature in a 68 - 70 degree room with the lid left down. Extensive testing and customer feedback has proven this temperature to provide a comfortable sitting experience.

If the lid is continually left up or the seat is in a very cold environment, our optional 18 volt transformer will make the seat much warmer than the standard 12 volt transformer.

If your wall outlet is too far to access, our 6' low voltage extension cord provides a simple solution!

Check the size of your bowl before ordering:

Measurements from the center front of the bowl to the center back between the hinge post holes should be approximately:


  • Standard Round Bowl: 16.5"
  • Elongated Bowl: 18.5"

In the U.S. the standard distance between hinge post holes is 5.5".

Installation and cleaning instructions can be found here.