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Low Voltage
Safe Low Voltage Design!
UltraTouch heated seats are shipped with a UL-listed, fused, 12 volt transformer that heats the seat to a comfortable 20 to 25 degrees above a normal 70 degree room temperature.
The low voltage design makes the UltraTouch seat extremely safe. Although not recommended, you could literally touch your tongue to the connector coming from the transformer and would feel a slightly stronger sensation than doing the same with a 9 volt transistor battery!
Family Safe
The low voltage cord and connector is safe and would not be affected even if completely submerged in water! As with all 120 volt appliances, however, the transformer must not be exposed to water. Bathroom outlets should always be in a safe location according to building codes. Plugging into any properly installed outlet is fine as long as it is not exposed to splashing water.
The UltraTouch OverMolded construction also enhances safety because it is completely and permanently sealed. In fact, the seat will operate completely submerged in water with no hazard or damage. No other heated seat can make this claim.
shock_hazard.gif Beware of seats that use 120 volts and are not sealed or waterproof! shock_hazard.gif
Each UltraTouch heated seat is provided with approximately 12' of cord. The transformer has approximately 6' of cord and one additional 6' extension is included. Additional extensions are available for purchase and the connectors are standard so you can also find extensions at an electronics store such as Radio Shack.
The low voltage design also allows for a thinner cord that can safely be extended and routed to-hard-to reach outlets.

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