Electrically Heated

All the great UltraTouch features plus a molded-in 12 volt thermal circuit heating element that heats to a comfortable 20 to 25 degrees above room temperature.

Treat yourself and your family to an UltraTouch heated toilet seat. It is an unexpected pleasure that you will enjoy everyday.

Once you try the heated UltraTouch seat, you will never want to sit on another seat again!

A heated UltraTouch seat makes a great gift, too!

Need a Warmer Seat? Optional Transformers are Available!

If you desire a warmer seat or the seat is in a very cold room, we have a 18 volt transformer available for purchase. It is still a safe voltage, but will make the seat considerably warmer.

How warm you ask?

This is a good question but difficult to accurately answer because it depends on many factors. Normally, the standard 12 volt transformer will bring the seat up to around 95 degrees in a 70 degree room with the lid left down. We have found this to be comfortable for most people.

In a 70 degree room, most people say the optional 18 volt transformer makes the seat too warm for comfort. However, if the lid is always left up or the seat is in a very cold room, the 18 volt transformer will probably make the seat more comfortable than the 12 volt.


Additionally, we get asked quite often if our UltraTouch seat will operate on a 12 volt car battery for use in an outhouse for example. The answer is yes!