Easy Cleaning & Sturdy

White Seat

Sanitary - Easy Cleaning - Sturdy Construction

The materials used in the construction of the UltraTouch seat are the finest quality molded materials available. The seats are solid injection molded; they are not hollow or flimsy like some other seats. In fact, they weigh almost 6 lbs! This gives the seat a stable solid feeling.

UltraTouch seats meet and exceed ANSI Z124.5-1997 specifications for toilet seats.

 The materials we use are very easy to clean just as you would with any other toilet seat. In fact, the elastomer seating surface is so durable, any common household cleaner including an abrasive can be used! The lid and bottom of the seat are also extremely durable with a finish similar to a conventional seat. On the other hand, the lid and bottom of the seat are hard, shiny surfaces and you should not use an abrasive cleaner on them.

Quick Release Hinge

The quick release hinges allow you to quickly and easily remove the seat and/or lid for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas!

We have been asked during Trade Shows if the UltraTouch toilet seat is dishwasher safe ...the answer is Yes!