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OverMolding Soft Touch or Comfort Touch products requires more expertise and equipment than standard molding of a single hard material, and OverMolding large items such as a toilet seat requires even more expertise and specialized equipment.

The UltraTouch seat is made by first molding what we call an "insert". The insert is basically a conventional hard seat made from the proper material that is made to a smaller size in the areas that will be "OverMolded".

The insert or small seat is then put into a second mold and a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is OverMolded onto the seat insert. The materials for the insert and OverMold are carefully chosen to be chemically compatible so they chemically and permanently bond to each other under the tremendous heat and pressure of the molding process.

In fact, the pressures required for this process are in excess of 3,000 psi! A Thermoplastic Elastomer is a soft synthetic material with a soft feel. This is what gives the UltraTouch seat the soft or Comfort Touch feel.

The results from the OverMolding process is an extremely durable, comfortable and warm-to-the-touch toilet seat.

Few companies have the equipment or the experience as Hogue does with OverMolding to be able to produce such a large product as a toilet seat. The process is so specialized and unique that Hoguewas granted U.S. patent 6,154,892 and 6,347,415 for manufacturing a toilet seat incorporating this "Soft Touch" technology.

This effectively means that no other company can make a seat with these unique and comfortable features. Read the patent for yourself! It is publicly available on the U.S. patent office website at search for number 6,154,892 and 6,347,415.

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